Terms & Conditions of Grant

  1. These conditions relate to any grant (“the Grant”) made by THE ALBORADA TRUST (“the Trust”) following review and approval of an application for funding (“the Application”) and which is in respect of the project, request, or need specified in the Application (“the Work”). References to “you” are references to the recipient Charity.
  2. Payment of the Grant will be by bank transfer (BACS) and only into a verified UK-based bank account or building society account and will be made upon submission by email of an invoice for the agreed amount including your IBAN details.
  3. By accepting the Grant you agree to be bound at all times by these Conditions.
  4. The Grant must be used exclusively on and for the Work. Any changes require the Trust’s prior written consent. If so stated any specific project or need in the Application must be delivered within the timeframe set out in the Application. Any delay or request for extension must be approved by the Trust in writing in advance. Any unused part of the Grant is held on trust and if so requested must be repaid to the Trust on demand.
  5. The Work must be carried out at all times in a proper and professional manner and in compliance with all relevant local national and international laws, regulations and practices. Any legal or statutory matter arising which may or which does prevent the Work from proceeding or which may or does give rise to legal action or other proceedings must be notified immediately to the Trust and the Trust’s response(s) shall be acted upon without delay.
  6. No liability relating to the Work shall attach to the Trust in any circumstances and no representation(s) shall be made that the Trust is in any way legally responsible for the Work or any part of it. The Trust’s name shall not be taken in vain.
  7. [If you are a registered Charity]. The Trust must be notified in writing immediately there are any changes to your constitution or registered status or any matter arises which could endanger your Charitable status. In the event that you cease to be a registered Charity any unused funds must be returned immediately.
  8. The Trust reserves the right to claim repayment of the whole of the Grant if in its opinion the circumstances so justify. In the event of any employee or trustee fraud or accounting irregularity the Grant shall become immediately repayable.
  9. If the Work is only part funded by the Trust then before the Work is commenced you must be satisfied that you have the whole of the funding required including any contingency. The Trust will not provide further funds.
  10. If expressly so requested, (a) the support of the Trust is to be acknowledged on your website and in any publicity concerning the Work, (b) the Trust is to be provided with a URL link and a copy of any publicity relating to the Work and (c) an acknowledgement shall be included in your annual reports and accounts covering the period of the Work.
  11. The Trust reserves the right (on reasonable notice) to visit and inspect the Work from time to time and must be provided with all reasonable access and any recommendations made as a result of such inspection shall be acted upon
  12. You will provide such regular updates in writing as the Trust may require, and prompt responses to any specific requests for information that may be made.
  13. If the Grant is to be paid by instalments the Trust reserves the right to reduce, delay or cancel further payments but will only do so in extreme circumstances such as where there has been a breach of any of these Conditions or it is discovered that any information in the Application is incorrect.
  14. These Conditions are drawn up under UK Law and the UK Courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any dispute arising from the same.