Médecins Sans Frontières

The ALBORADA trustees take an active and personal interest in the plight of refugees – a worldwide problem that is steadily getting worse. There are close to a million in one camp alone (in the Cox’s Bazar area of Bangladesh, where the Rohingya fled following the violence in Myanmar in August 2017). Elsewhere, communities are fleeing gang violence in central America, people are arbitrarily detained in appalling conditions in Libya and, in the vast desert of northern Mali, insecurity, isolation and limited health infrastructure means that many thousands of children cannot access healthcare. And this is not to mention Haiti, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan, Gaza, Uzbekistan, Belarus, South Africa, Yemen and the Congo to name just a few. This extraordinary charity, which does not accept any government money, carries out the most amazing work in difficult – and often dangerous – circumstances, (which have on occasions led to fatalities).  The Alborada Trust has committed £4.5m to this charity for the quite remarkable work it carries out all over the world.


One of the world’s best run and most remarkable charities, MSF continues its amazing work in over 70 countries worldwide.

In support of this, The ALBORADA Trust has increased its grants over the years, to the point whereby it now supports projects in Bangladesh, Ethopia, Pakistan, South Sudan and Yemen. 

“MSF is most grateful to The ALBORADA Trust for its continued support. In addition to work they have supported in Haiti and Nigeria, the trust has agreed the continuation of substantial multi-year grants towards MSF’s work in refugee camps in Lebanon, South Sudan and Bangladesh, through to 2023, at a cost of over half a million euros per annum. The work they support really makes the difference between people accessing medical care or not.”

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